157. How to Use a Trailing Stop When Day Trading Stocks


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The next lesson in my free video course on the basics of stock trading which covers how to place a trailing stop order on the ThinkorSwim stock trading platform.

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26 thoughts on “157. How to Use a Trailing Stop When Day Trading Stocks

  1. Michael Yeo

    Sir, why when you place a SELL trailing stop order for Citicorp, you place it 10 dollars ( trailing up) above the market/purchase price, but not 10 dollar below it?

  2. Jayshri Patel

    Watched many videos on trailing stop and couldn't understand until i watched this. Thanks for explaining in detail!

  3. eddyvideostar

    Is it possible to make an attachment order for a parent buy long trailing stop entry and a child trailing sell stop without knowing the price for both, but contingent upon the amount or the percentage in the Interactive Brokers platform? For example:

    Buy long; VZ BUY 100 (shares) STP TRAIL 0.50 (amt) DAY
    Sell Stop Loss: VZ SELL 100 (shares) STP TRAIL 0.50 (amt) DAY

  4. Ron S

    Thank you very much. Very informative. Can you please do a video on Trailing stop with options on TOS. I get confused on what the stop is linked to. Also, what are the little steps when choosing to use a trailing %, a dollar amount, or those steps? what are they?
    Thanks , Ronno

  5. Osmond Anderson

    Thanks for the information. That is invaluable that will help me to build my portfolio. Thanks again. Could you tell me how to get an option account. I have applied but was denied one.

  6. leggy Reid 4c

    thank you for this video, my question is at what price will the system sell when it executes the trade? will it be at the ask or bid price or somewhere in the middle?

  7. Zaid Alchalabi

    i seen some people adjust the stop loss by hot keys in less than 2 seconds. any ideas ?
    also set up keys to sell half and 1/4 shares
    or double up
    can u explain how to do those plz?

  8. Carolyn Goodridge

    Thank you so much, Dave for showing us this method. I used it today for the first time and wow, what a relief. I didn't have to exit manually, I was stopped out at a profit. I kept the stop fairly tight and was still able to make a sizable gain. This has been my challenge…to exit when I really know I should, but don't. The trailing stop has given me my confidence back. I no longer have to deal with my emotions when it's time to exit the trade. Just set it and forget it!

  9. Love X

    Thank you David, I truly appreciate the time you put into creating these FREE videos for us. I do have a question, I trade options… once the trailing stop is set on let's say a CALL option, does this mean my profits can grow so long as the position is going up? And should the market turn against me and begins to fall, the $10 trailing stop will be there to protect me right?

  10. Carlos Javier

    Hello David, great video by the way. I am also getting the hang of the different strategies trading stock options. I like this strategy. How would do you execute this strategy is this scenario: Lets say that the trailing stop is at $10 dollars like you showed on the video and it reaches that stop, now, can you have a put option that triggers automatically in order for the investor to profit if the stock is going down? And if so can you also add a trailing stop to that put as well. Thanx. Carlos

  11. Hristo Dinkov

    I'm making about 3200 pips a month. Get the right strategy and everything falls into place. This one will turn things around, check out the video here => bit.ly/N2i9bP?=nzvahg

  12. Casey Myhro

    WOW! I spent over an hour reading about trailing stop orders, trying to fully understand what it means. But I was still a little unsure, even after spending over an hour reading about it. Then I see your short video, and completely understand what it means! Thanks!

  13. Caio Júlio César

    I don't think trailling stop is a good idea at all. It goes against the idea of letting your profits run. It is an attempt to lock profits but it turns against you. You cannot skip from the need of making a decision of where to sell the stock.

  14. Gary Palys

    David, loved the right click and custom order! I knew there was a way to do it, but couldn't figure it out. Thanks!

  15. Santhosh S

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  16. Patricia Bianco

    Well – it would be nice to get an explanation of other trailing stop choices. I'm looking to do 3% below and I don't know what the Link=AVG Price does. Avg for what period?

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