200 moving average day trading strategy analysis

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14 thoughts on “200 moving average day trading strategy analysis

  1. Ammy Jais

    AbsulTly rubbish …….logic….
    How u already know u will get huuuuugggeeee in short which u shown . And how u came to know that now price will reverse….
    Sir pl. Dont gv half kanwledge . If u want share pl. Share honesty dont misguide

  2. Suresh Thapa

    Thank you sir.i have been playing with 200 ema. You showed me the simplicity.Really appreciate it

  3. nelson salim

    good strategy brother , mine is slightly different but very a like . I add 32 RSI indicator in there

  4. Alvin Vin

    perfect explanation. can you suggest where to place to stop loss and and entry order. Let say "example" the gold price is at 1220 near the moving average. where shall place the order if it breaks to go long? or where should i place my stop loss and the sell stop order if it bounces back?

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