$4,300 Trading Profit on iPad


As I was managing my trades today on my iPad, I decided to talk to you about a recent trade I closed in SPX. I put on a bearish trade in SPX on February 12th when SPX was trading at 1850. Well, today I was able to close this trade for a profit of 4,300 even though SPX rallied over 200 points against me!

The video wasn’t planned and is very casual. Regardless, hope you enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “$4,300 Trading Profit on iPad

  1. Scott Worden

    I am looking at as many option video's as possible, yours are the BEST on YT. Need a foundation of knowledge, before real $$$.

  2. Michael Antunes

    Sky view trading- why is it that everyone that I speak to say that stocks should not be invested in, and you'll always make a lose?

  3. Blase Frick

    Thanks for the video! Very informative! Just out of curiosity, I put the same Iron Condor trade into my TD Ameritrade account and my OptionsHouse account. OptionsHouse is saving me about $26 per spread. If I have multiple accounts with TD Ameritrade, would you advise in putting the orders in OptionHouse and using TD Ameritrade for technical analysis as their ThinkorSwim platform is incredible. Please advise and thanks.

  4. Michael Perry

    Love the videos.  I think I have figured out how to put a vertical spread on using the Scottrade Platform.   Thanks for what you are doing.

  5. aaron brooks

    OMG! Thank you for actually highlighting the video to show what to look at. Most of these "gurus" that I'm trying to learn from don't take time to edit their videos like you do and it makes it so hard to understand. I need to learn how to read the screen and know what I'm looking at because i am a very visual learning person. I literally started about a week ago learning about stock mainly penny stocks and options and have so much to learn before using real money. I'm not rushing. I want to take in as much as possible to know I'm on solid ground, even if i make mistakes in my first trades.

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