63. ASX Trading Ideas For May 2018

Hey there back again, this time talking about a few stocks that are on the radar for trading on the Australian Stock Market in May 2018. Once again I give my best 3 stocks to buy on the ASX along with looking back on the 3 share suggestions from last month. April saw fairly steady gains across the month on the ASX, one could even call it ‘Boring’

I’ll also reveal the first winner in the ‘Australia’s Greatest Stock Picker’ Competition.

Always do your own research or consult a licensed professional before investing in the stock market.


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10 thoughts on “63. ASX Trading Ideas For May 2018

  1. Jay Million

    There are so many stocks to navigate, what is the best way to pick the right things to buy

  2. Khane Brown

    Good on ya Darren ???
    Still hanging around the bottom of that ladder but I'm enjoying watching this little competition.
    Just wondering though, how do you go about picking your stocks? Watching your videos a lot of the stocks you put out are all very different industries. What do you research or look for to decide that Blackmores or anything else show up on your radar?
    I've mentioned before I'm predominantly invested in mining companies but thinking it's about time to branch out. Just picking your brain ?

  3. Greg Wilkinson

    Good on ya Daz Mr the King of the sharemarkets game. Well done Amy too. Kicking myself as I sold AXE cause it was doing nothing. Now it decides to put out announcements ha ha. I like that the CEO is an international expert on graphite and they have bought a web based graphite sales company. IMO they are in the right place at the right time, now for it to drop back to 10c to get back in ha ha ?GLTAH cheers

  4. Amy Chan

    Thanks Darren:) very fun to watch this competition, great job to put them together! Learning heaps from your channel!

  5. mark williams

    I own Dulux and have for a while, I would class them as a defensive stock, they dominate the paint market in Aus including car paint etc, its a Buffet business with a decent moat IMO and more suited
    to an income portfolio. Been good to me as I bought it much cheaper than it is today and its probably a under rated Aus stock IMO, hope you can make a dollar out of it…
    Blackmores are ASX Royalty and I agree have been disappointing for a while. I'd be waiting till they start showing some movement on Volume up, these
    are a big boys stock and I like to see the big volumes start being bought …IMO its still overvalued but what do I know….
    AXE….no idea, ran them through a couple of software programs I use to check my own figures and they gave me flawless balance sheet, overvalued,..recommend hold…stop price 11c……
    Going a bit of a PGC this month and taking up Wilsons offer of some WAM global, interested in TNE, on the up and in the sweet spot to climb higher IMO check it out….
    Good luck for May and hope those irons in the fire turn into something substantial, if not we need a new coach at Carlton, AMP have a few jobs going too……

  6. Aaron Twigg

    Great Vlog. I enjoyed the fact that you are looking at company's outside your own knowledge. I held AXE for a while but moved on. Still on my radar though, they also have a very Large magnesium deposit also

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