13 thoughts on “9/26/17 Day Trading Small Account LIVE TRADES!!!! QUICK PROFIT!

  1. Roger Welch

    nice video, very clear, as other people have said this live trading is far better than reviewing the video after. The live action we get to see your thought process and analytics live. thank you sir

  2. Froilan Sibal

    Hi Pat, newbie questions: why you didn't just short the stocks that talked about the premarket? They didn't break to the level that you're expecting anyways? Where did you get the alert for $MYSZ cause you didn't talked about it at the pre market.
    Thanks.. All the best..

  3. Mike Fitzgerald

    slow on my end too. ktos, got in just a touch late and had to short it to make my small loss back. made a few bucks when all was said and done. thanks for the vid!

  4. LXTronix

    nice video! prefer it this way, when you show the trades live instead of commenting on the trade afterwards, keep it up that way, this way it has the most value for beginner traders

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