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  • The Markets – Dow Jones, SP500, Nasdaq
  • Trading – buying and selling, going short, going long, swing trading
  • Technical Analysis – moving averages, support and resistance, multiple time frames
  • Stocks – large cap, small cap, penny stocks
  • Options – buying and selling puts and calls
  • Forex – brokers, scams, robots
  • Futures – contracts, risks, leverage
  • Oil – ETF, oil funds
  • Commodities – oil, gold, silver
  • Trading Education – Investools, Bettertrades, Online Trading Academy
  • Brokers – etrade, Think or Swim, optionsxpress
  • Gold And Silver – bullion, ETF’s
  • Investments – Investing, short term, long term, in for the long haul!
  • And more…

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