Best Online Trading Platforms for Day Trading 2017 – Way I Make $…

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Best Online Trading Platforms for Day Trading 2016 – Way I Make $500 A Day

If you’re an active trader looking to try your hand at beating the market, you probably have a good idea of what you want in a brokerage: low costs, premium research, innovative strategy tools and a comprehensive trading platform. Below, we’ve selected the best online brokers in a variety of categories so you can choose one based on your personal priorities.
OptionsHouse and Interactive Brokers have that powerful combination that every trader wants: Low commissions paired with advanced trading tools and platforms. Interactive Brokers may have an edge with traders who prefer per-share pricing and can meet the $10,000 account minimum and $10 monthly commission minimum — both of which docked the broker slightly in our star ratings. OptionsHouse offers a very competitive flat rate and no minimum balance requirement. However, the company doesn’t offer forex, while Interactive Brokers offers a very extensive investment selection, including precious metals, forex and futures options.

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23 thoughts on “Best Online Trading Platforms for Day Trading 2017 – Way I Make $…

  1. A Morales


  2. Will Keyes

    just listening to this guy tells me NOT to take him seriously. This is what you call a sales pitch to buy his product.

  3. Lagless Gaming

    I put $3.00 in my account and in four days I had $9878972894378977987234897978923478923797987234897984723897427.43 in my account. Cindy, this software is amazing!!!

  4. jonathan yoakum

    Complete nonsense. There is no such thing as paying a monthly fee to get wealthy and this guy is far too happy to have just quit his job. I actually just did and it took a lot of personal effort to not just learn the basics but also how I react to the markets. Even with these steps taken I am not prancing around with a smile on my face like everything is all set. It most certainly is not so please beware when approaching any line of thinking that real day traders (so called) act like a fantastical subscription service "is all you need".

    Go learn something, mock trade, journal and learn some more.
    Then get a mentor that fits you and have them show you where youare weak.
    If by then you still like the idea of risking your own hide in the real markets then get that plan finalized and stick to it like religion. Otherwise you will blow up your account and be out of the game like most of those that claim the markets are rigged and no one can play them because they could not.

  5. Eric C Power

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  6. Weird_ln_the_corner

    And the broker you think your sending your order to set a bet against you knowing that 90% of traders fail soo enjoy poverty if you do binary options.. I trade stock and it took me a year and a Half to make 140k and I just turned 23.

    And this niggas story is inconsistent he was eating ramen noddles and has a wife and kids but didn't take them on holiday with him but is now getting women's numbers so he can cheat on his wife fuck out of here with that bull shit

  7. Weird_ln_the_corner

    Whoever comes here and sees this I just want tell you know this Is all bullsheeeet

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