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Trader’s Psychology | Day trader’s mistake | Live Profit 62000 | …

In this video I have pointed out one of the most common mistake an intraday traders do and unfortunately i have done that mistake today in my trading that gave me a thought of making video on this. It was an interesting and thrilling experience for me which taught me a lesson as well. I handle 8-10 demat account daily but this one account made me realize the mistake i did after a long time and learnt a good lesson.

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by : Pulak Priyesh

For any doubts related to the concept in the video you can arise in comment section and we will try to get the answer for you all.

Disclaimer : This video is made for educational purpose, We do not claim any guarantee for this method to be 100% successful all the time, This method is developed by a renowned trader Pulak Priyesh, He is also a founding member of Intelligence7. Do your homework and do consult your own technical expert before making any trades. Thanks

Live Day Trading – Choppy Trades for $260 Profit

Live Day Trading – Choppy Trades for $260 Profit

Sometimes a strategy can be “too good”. What do I mean? My ultimate goal is to build up in position size; however, at the same time, I’m not willing to just walk by $50 bills that are sitting on the sidewalk. When the entry points are spot on over and over again, the pro is you get quick cash, the con is, you aren’t’ necessarily getting any “big scores”. This will all make much more sense after watching me trading the stock market live.

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