Brief Introduction to Online Stock Trading and Brokers

The video provides valuable information about online stock trading and brokers. The way of practically stepping into the online stock trading business has been briefly discussed. Mr. Mark explains the online stock trading business environment and opportunities.

Large numbers of companies are registered for stock trading. The discussion moves on to the subject of hiring a broker for the purpose of online stock trading. Mark emphasis on hiring a broker rather than trading the shares from your own computer.

Mark explains the key points which you must keep under consideration when you search for a broker. Check the different deals, offers, rates and charges. Brokers charge two types of charges; per lot charge and per trade charge. Some brokers charge more per lot and less per trade whereas other brokers charge more per trade and less per lot.

Mark briefly explains the concept of “lot” in this way; 1 lot = 1 share and 10 lots = 10 shares. The video provides meaningful information about the different demands of the brokers. Mark reveals an important way of improving trading skills and performance. He gives the idea of performing imaginary trades and evaluating those trades with the passage of time. In the end, Mark defines day trading and kinds of platforms possessed by brokers.

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