Day In The Life – My $100 Start Up

Why Trade Forex? :

How Profitable Is It? :

Trading Psychology Explained :

How It Works &The Basic Requirements :

How Risky Is Is? :

Is It Only For Brokers & The Rich ? :

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41 thoughts on “Day In The Life – My $100 Start Up

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  9. Geo Lasso

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    Which broker would you say is the most trustworthy?

    Thank you!


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  12. midnightsxtc

    So its almost August have you made 3 sources of revenue as you mentioned in this video, share it.. thanks


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  16. what? huh?

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  17. Tou mai

    @Escape Conformity..

    Do you UNDERSTAND that in order for the europeans in NEW YORK as well as LONDON and around the WORLD, TO LIVE, they MUST live off of the backs of OUR/YOUR PEOPLE????


  18. Daddy Doug

    Scams everywhere, lol come on guys you know Forex isn't legit don't let this guy sell you on it by showing all this bs.

  19. Ron Johnson

    Great inspiration. I trade Nadex, FXCM, amp futures. My favorite quote is "Formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune " you can be successful for you, everything else is speculation

  20. chevys6696

    Yes I have a demo, a app called " Go Forex" for beginners. I also downloaded a program called FXCM trading.

  21. chevys6696

    Love New York, I was there a few months back. I'm also learning about trading in the forex market, do you have any tips for a beginner?

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