Day Trading an Opening Range Breakdown |

We illustrate a common day trading pattern called the opening range breakdown. SYF gapped lower and trended lower for the entire day. Learn how to trade this pattern
Tradingsim is a day trading replay tool, or trading simulator, geared for use by day traders who make buying and selling decisions using charts and technical analysis. There are very few trading chatrooms and daytrading educators that can make you a successful trader. Learning how to day trade is a learned through extensive practice and training. YOU must own your success.

Enter Tradingsim…

We have the most advanced replay and fast forwarding tools in the market. Our day trading software provides a realistic tick by tick replay of any stock market session from the last 2+ years! Think of Tradingsim as a “trading time machine”.

Do you have a day job which makes it difficult to simulate trading live? We’ve got you covered. Because we are a historical market replay, our trading simulation is available on demand and 24/7.

Accelerate your learning curve much faster.


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    Hey Kunal. Its me Ash. We emailed each other back and forth before. Good stuff with these vids. Some interesting stuff man.

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