Day Trading Computer Requirements

What kind of computer specifications may I need for day trading? A simple explanation from Day Trader Peter K, will answer that.

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15 thoughts on “Day Trading Computer Requirements

  1. Ande Viper Trader Pfeiffer

    Great info dude, I thought that a gaming laptop would be a good choice after my old one died.

  2. spicytuna08

    thx. what is the CPU? is it the lack of ram when the chart does not display with a rhythm?

  3. Jeff Vice

    Oh my GOD what a great and wonderful strategy this Mr Frank Robert is making use of, i have never seen a strategy with Software that works mightily like this, i blessed Almighty GOD for connecting me to such a nice Account Manager/Broker which my winning in Forex trade/Binary option market is really rely on his strategy that earns me 15k usd every week, i will continue to appreciate him handsomely.

  4. RoxyQueen

    God I love your trading room ..It looks sooo efficient yet so simple and comfortable looking.. I am just starting out too..its my first 14 months going strong learning and learning..Its really been a tough road!!

  5. Global Vision

    I'm looking to start trading futures and I've seen the order flow platform on YouTube, it seems to be the way to trade how would you recommend a new trader get started trading order flow ? Vernon at

  6. ukxgerard

    Thank You Peter K for the informative video. May I know which order flow application and I heard you trade mostly bond futures? How many tics are running profits versus losses. Thank you Gerard

  7. Mohammad Bilal

    I have just one Dell 17.3 display, 7th generation, it help for now , but this looks nice

  8. Scott Toth

    Lol someone with minimal knowledge about computer hardware giving advice.

    Video memory and ram do completely different things.

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