Day Trading Computer & Trading Screens – What You Really Need to …

What trading hardware do you really need to trade? PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Assuming you are taking this business seriously and want to make some decent money out of it – well times have changed; fortunately for us we need far less. I had a trading desk shared with other traders and I had some 8 screens. That was required because the software wasn’t much software. These days I find a laptop to be sufficient in most cases although sometimes I do use my workstation where I have 4 screens setup. But really I think what you need are 2 screens because you need to be able to temporarily drag things to another screen while still keeping focused. The idea of having multiple screens is that you can focus on the market you’re trading but in your peripheral visions you can spot other things happening. Try to buy the most powerful computer or laptop you can afford because you don’t want your system to fail you when you most need it!

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13 thoughts on “Day Trading Computer & Trading Screens – What You Really Need to …

  1. pierre1122

    I dont know your name or where you come from, but you help me a lot with my forex trading !!! I traded only stocks before, but now I know how to trade forex with you good advices !

  2. Darth Forex Vader

    trading from the holiday inn removed my anxiety of poor internet resources

  3. Sarajlija Sanjo

    Agree with all of it but you forgot the most important thing. A LOT OF COFFEE…yes, A LOT OF GOOD COFFEE. Sincere thanks, all your videos are absolutely fantastic and educational. I wish I started trading 10 years ago. Sonny from Seattle.

  4. David Snelling

    I use a good quality laptop (Dell XPS). While at home, I connect to two full HD screens via a docking station (thunderbolt connection). When I need to, I take my laptop into work which works well because it has all my regular software on it and the battery lasts all day. I use Sharescope pro for charting, plus level 2 and Stockopedia to create watch lists from fundamentals. I only swing trade and this setup works well for me, happy trading 🙂

  5. Paul Peace

    A 12" notebook and a 5" Android ; both with MT4.
    Wi-Fi and back up modem would be enough.
    Notebook could be split to 12 tile windows…

  6. Nikolay Chankov

    I am dreaming of a 4k TV as a monitor (not all tvs are suitable though), but for now I am using a laptop + extra 23" screen

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