ITS FRIDAY AND I’M GREEN! I Really can’t complain about anything. Crazy Reverse Split Stock $FCSC Decided to make a move this morning very similar to $CHCI Yesterday. I’m not super happy with how I played that move but I’ll take it. I really just need to focus focus on execution. That seems to be the issue right now with these crazy stocks.

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  1. Patrick Wieland

    OH WOW! $FCSC Crazy stock both up and down! What stocks did you trade today?

  2. Cs 40

    Are you still in the plan trade profit chat room ? I’m looking for a new chat room to join

  3. Paul Schexnaydre

    Why don't you trade on tick charts . 133 tick showed a perfect chart to the upside.

  4. Meh Meh

    I might be the only one to lose money on FL today. Mistimed it twice perfectly. – $600 πŸ™

  5. Vishal Maisuria

    Hey Patrick great vid. I was also wonder what platform/brokerage you use. Also what’s your opinion on day trading on Robinhood?

  6. the_Wolf

    It is Friday!!! As always, enjoyed the recap Patrick, it's like I can relate to you as a trader. Took some profit today on VTGN, premarket short from 1.58.

  7. Will Hunter

    Congrats, man. I made $200 on $ARQL. Looks to be setting up for a nice short on Monday.

  8. Sam RIO

    1, have a strategy built around your scalping.
    2, taking profits on the first push helps you mentally to hold the position for a possible 2nd move.
    3, build into your position
    4, don't compare yourself with Ross he's a pumper and you won't get those moves like he does.
    5, have a great weekend

  9. swingtradestocks

    Hy Patrick did you start using speed trader? If so how do you like it so far.

  10. Learning to DAYTRADE

    Profited 150 on 400 shares on FCSC, it was hard as shit to trade though. So heavy, but the volume pulled through

  11. Ashley Neal

    Morning Patrick, quick question. I am trying to see if I can use the DigiBytes but shapeshift is telling me it's not enough to swap to Bitcoin. How can I use them?

  12. nick tillman

    Good job today. I came out up $200. Nothing worse than a red day on a 3 day weekend.

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