Day Trading Strategy HOW I PROFIT EVERYDAY!

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Lots of people have been asking for me to talk about my new Day Trading Strategy! How I find the stocks that I Day Trade in the Small Account everyday. What I’m doing is nothing new or ground breaking but its working for me. Its been consistently working for me over the last couple months and Ive been working on honing my skills with it. The key to DayTrading is to find a strategy that works for you and then get really good at it. Having a couple different strategies to work with depending on the Stock Market conditions.

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I am not a investment professional. Please do not make investment choices off of the ideas you see in these videos without the proper knowledge and research. Day Trading can be very volatile! You need to understand the basics and the risk involved first!

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25 thoughts on “Day Trading Strategy HOW I PROFIT EVERYDAY!

  1. Justin Bieber

    Do natural popular forex guide like Trabeplom System really work and if so, how effective are they? I have noticed many amazing things about this popular forex system secrets.

  2. MidCali831

    Anyway you can do a live trading video where you mention what exactly your doing. As in give a new user info while you do it? I would really appreciate it, how did you say today is the day I become a day trader

  3. Kyle Carroll

    When you say you are shorting, do you already own the stock?? I'm just confused because the way you are describing shorting that you do it reminds me of Forex where you can either buy or sell right off the bat and I thought the stock market worked differently than that is all.

  4. Tech Geek

    Thanks and highly appreciated for disclosing/sharing day trading techniques . God bless you Patrick. I am curious. you said shorting you made more money. You can make money in either way right ? Infact it is very hard to get many stocks for shorting below $10.00 in IB. Down day, we can flat out focus on 2-3 inverse market ETFs. Just go long. That way you are not wandering but focused on couple of ETFs. Similar with up days. Trade TNA long. No shorting God knows my order will flag out not shares available to short or ndaq restriction[got to have buy order before short] Offcourse you have to keep your indices chart open to see the direction of the market all the time, to monitor down or up days irrespective.

    The best part about ETF is you don't care about the volume low or high. They are guaranteed high volumed ticker. slap in couple of indicators/studies you are comfortable with and level 2 will guide you to the destination.

  5. Harpreet s

    hey i am harpreet from india and day trading becomes very very popular in india so i request you to give views on indian markets…

  6. Sammy Gasana

    i had a question
    how much time does the news you get from stocktwits usually take to start influencing the stock for example if we have bad news release how much time does it usually take for the stock to follow and start crashing

  7. Pawlik05

    Great Video Patrick thanks a lot! what if the stock is for example double or triple bottom is that a pattern to go long?

  8. kazman20

    this video was the best you have made so far, very inciteful and extremely helpful. subcribed.

  9. Ryan Wood

    Has this pattern or technique of shorting soon after the opening worked since you started trading or only recently? I know patterns change or rotate throughout the year. Thanks for the video, your telling everyone your secrets! I guess were all learning here! Thanks…..

  10. Peter Crosbie

    Patrick when u said you didnt trade bbox because it didnt have volume how did you determine that? When shorting what kind of volume would you be seeking before you engage?

  11. Moishe Lappe

    Patrick number 1 BW was on the list of uptrand friday of the so how did you decided to make it short it and 2 fosl stock you can't short it there's no s on the side how did you short it?

  12. DJ Migs

    I've been leaning into the ones that break down under the whole number a lot lately on bad news. I sell most of the position if it comes back over the whole number though with a tiny loss. You should try that out sometime.

  13. Karl Sarkozy

    You had nice consistency taking profits shorting, nicely done! Congratulations !

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