Finishing Feb in the Red, but still green in 2018!

Ross cannot wait to start trading fresh in the month of March. He’s down $10k in the month of February. Made a small profit of $286 in NYO, but lost $283 in MVBX. Ross might have been able to regain some of his losses if it wasn’t for the four days he missed due to the ski injury.

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27 thoughts on “Finishing Feb in the Red, but still green in 2018!

  1. Dave Mason

    Good luck trading in a down market. Reminds me of all the penny daytraders in the late 90's

  2. Dg 27

    i know the feeling . but you will be back . dont keep beating yourself up your great just chill

  3. nukestrom

    had a bad time walmart stock but hope it will bump up. I'm not day trading so I'm holding.

  4. Nate Selby

    February was definitely a tough month. I ended up 1,000.00 in the green but it was definitely a struggle with quite a few big red days in there. Seems like there is lots of fear in the market and we are just not getting those big moves like we were getting in November thru January. Oh well… glad to start a fresh new month. Happy trading everyone.

  5. Pablo Dee

    That fake cry was pretty funny there Ross. Ross, just make a brief video of tearing out the February sheet from the calendar and throwing it in an enormous balm fire.

  6. Rob Bradley

    It's a good thing that the chatroom audio is choppy and the screensharing is a slideshow. Otherwise I may have mirror traded some of these with you. I guess it's a good thing you guys won't do something about Webinato…I'm GREEN today! 😀

  7. Eric

    hey Ross, you usually sell your shares by using a hot key that sends an order at the current ask correct? what scenarios (and how often) do you actually type out a price and wait to be filled vs using the hot key to sell at the current ask price? for example what made you put an order out at 2.49 for CHCI vs just hitting your sell hot key to sell at 2.30? or whatever the highest ask was

  8. Juan

    I have rentals as well… in LLC's for tax benefits. Do you (or any other Warrior Traders) trade and have their accounts in an LLC?

  9. Yep Why Not !!

    Hi Ross I’m currently learning how to trade
    Can you tell me which broker are you using
    I’m using etrade but the commission is pretty high it’s 6.95
    Like you said your is 2.50
    Can you let me know which broke is it if you don’t mind

  10. Kilroy RIP

    Ross – a tiny consolation for you might be that in my first month paper trading under your tutelage in the Warrior Pro course, today was my best day +804.06. Today was a direct result of emulating your strategy using your HOD MOMO scanner. I also lost on $MBVX, but got my wins on $ECYT and $CRON. I'm confident that continuing to emulate you will result in me being a profitable day trader when I go real. Thank you, sir, and make the expected comeback in March!

  11. First Name Last Name

    This hasn't been my best month either. It's so easy to look back at our trades and say "oh man I could've…" . Let's not repeat our mistakes again.

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