FREE Day Trading Course – Lesson 1 – Introduction

Lesson 1 – Introduction, is about:
Your Journey
The markets we trade – NYSE, NASDAQ
The stock symbols
Market trading hours
The stock we are trading: Price, volume, spread

Free Day Trading Education from a professional day trader, Meir Barak. If you are brand new to trading, start here. If you have traded before, you can probably skip to more advanced lessons which will be coming soon. If you enjoy this video, you are welcome to subscribe to see upcoming videos.

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9 thoughts on “FREE Day Trading Course – Lesson 1 – Introduction

  1. ravenwda007

    I use VoiceAttack

    If you can setup hotkeys you can set up voice commands.

    "Sell half" -hotkeys pressed while trading platform calculates half my size.
    "Tight short stop loss" -hotkeys pressed with 11 cent stop loss.

    What do you think Mr. Barak?

  2. roger10152

    hey mr barak i noticed on your other trading videos your using DAS pro on your trading you dont use hot keys for trading do you?

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