How to Develop A Daily Trading Routine – Might seem odd to start here, but we believe at Option Alpha that developing a daily trading routine is critical to building habits that make you successful as a trader. Make no mistake, everything you have either done (or haven’t done) can likely be traced back to a habit or routine – so let’s make sure you’ve got great habits in place right now.


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    Kirk – Fantastic to build on your experience ! Keep doing your great job – Andrzej

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    Hi. Can you please direct me what order should i take to learn about options in gradient through your videos?

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    You sir have been the most informational/clear cut instructor for trading/investing on Youtube! Thank you!

  4. Learn New Things Everyday

    Can you please list out couple of website sources that you scan daily news for investor? I have CNBC but those news are not to the central points. I'm looking for a better headlines and news like you mention. Thanks in advance

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    Which one of your videos do you show your text conversation with broker to negotiate lower commission fees? Thanks

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