Everyone keeps asking me How to Find Stocks to Short! Well its not rocket science guys. I spent about 15 minutes this morning looking at couple different websites and doing a little bit of research to find $HIBB short opportunity. I talk about Day Trading short seller entry at double top pre market and taking profit in the small account. Great trade and setup today on $HIBB. Being patient and waiting for these types of setups is key!

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21 thoughts on “How To Find Stocks To SHORT! DAY TRADING $HIBB 30% DROP

  1. Charioteer4Real

    Love your energy. It's refreshing to learn so much without having to sit through a 20+min video.

  2. Bene88

    I found HIBB with Trade Ideas Scanner! And its a Low Float Stock with a good Catalyst only 20Million Shares Outstanding Shorted the Hell out of it 😀 Perfect Stock

  3. STOCKBOY7254

    Could you please do a review of Mojo Trading Pro Trader Mike for your viewers.Respect your opinion and need your advice on if its a scam or legit.

  4. Travis Cornwell

    Someone should do a podcast called "The Hindsight Trader"…lol if we could only know sometimes!!!

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