Live Day Trading – $100 Morning, Ill Take It

Live Day Trading – $100 Morning, Ill Take It

Today’s video is a bit unique in the sense of I recorded my entire trading day. There was a whole lot of down time, but it goes to show that at any moment a “cash cow” set-up could show up say “moooo!”

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23 thoughts on “Live Day Trading – $100 Morning, Ill Take It

  1. Sahil V5

    How do you make a profit on penny stocks considering some of the brokers have such a high fee?

  2. Samer Henen

    Hey clay trader, I'm a 14 year old that is interesting in investing, can you give me a few tips on what to do or make a video? Thanks! It will help me alot. If you can list the websites of what I need to start selling stocks… Thanks man!

  3. Thomas Redder

    Great content!
    I am very curious to know exactly which broker/platform you are trading on here?

  4. Russell

    I'm very new to all this stock stuff (I haven't even made a trade yet) but I just want to thank you for being so laid back and easy to understand in your videos. They've made me confident that I'll be able to make a little money at it eventually.

  5. MattInthebible

    what platform are you using? I tried my banks app to trade but the flux that you're getting wasn't on my app

  6. Dean

    Do you know how can I learn to trade with that software or something similiar ? Do u have any tuts on that ? I know most if it in theory how it works, but I did not understand a thing in this video. If you have anything regarding software basics, not trading, would be pretty cool. Thanks anyways !

  7. chriscruz23

    Quick question, do you prefer to work with stock trading or options trading? I'm just getting into this and was curious.

  8. shalvin prakash

    DRYS was something special these last couple days, glad I'm not the only one who wasn't afraid to trade it.

  9. Hero Hei

    Clay, the risk element to trading is nullified to an extent in a sense by making consistent income from your trading website / services isn't it? Do you find that that to assist you with becoming a "robotic trader"?

  10. Luis Manon

    hey clay, what do you think about binary options and forex trading ? also if you do use forex trading, would you consider doing a video using a haronic pattern with a M5 or M15 chart

  11. mattcanflyhigh

    Clay, make be a dumb question, but… What is the best way to identify news for penny stocks? Also what news is better than others?

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