Live Day Trading for $4,200

Live Day Trading Stocks – How to make money by day trading stocks – $4,200 in 57 minutes.
Meir Barak day trading live on May 23th. 2018.

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16 thoughts on “Live Day Trading for $4,200

  1. Stilo weezy

    Hey Meir, love your videos – there is something I notice you do with you trades that is amazing… you see a setup, you go in; it fails, you cut the loss and get out; then when it sets up again you get back in BUT I notice you get back in again, but this time with 1.5-2x your original size – especially when it is obvious that the setup is now ready as your earlier entry might have been too early…. Of course with the help of the tape/Level 2, it makes this kinds of strategy worth it…. Could you confirm if this is correct – Been doing same and it's been paying off…. But I do it purely by watching the tape/Level 2.

  2. enamri mustapha

    Hi, Great video,About the funded account let"s say i have the INTRO Prog ,and i want to switch to the STUDENT account, how much profit should i get ? $3000 i guess ( after commissions right?)

  3. Alex Delano

    Got shaken out on that panic pop RRGB for a loss. Made some back on the LOW long though. Nice trades!

  4. Brother Kent

    Mr mier.. are you just prediction Techinal Analysys and Fundamental.? Or just Technical..?

  5. James Bradley

    Excellent and professional. People here have no understanding about the great knowledge and skill you show here!

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