Live Day Trading – How to Make $250 per Hour

Live Day Trading – How to Make $250 per Hour

When keeping things in perspective and not thinking that you need over $1,000 for something to be considered a “good trade”, the markets truly do provide excellent opportunities. I can’t think of many jobs out there that pay $250 for less than an hour’s worth of work.

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23 thoughts on “Live Day Trading – How to Make $250 per Hour


    Do you trade through out the day?
    Or do you just trade for that one hour? If so, why?

    Btw your live trades has taught me alot more than your actual education videos. Keep em coming

  2. Alexandre Abdoun

    clay in one video u say that you cannot make more than 3 day trades. if you do, is that really considered a felony and could you go to jail? seems to me people should only trade if they know all the rules

  3. ssunkite1

    Trading against the trend works for fast scalping execution in extremely extended environments. But be aware that one day you'll get whacked over your head with a 2×4. It only takes one trade to drive you over the edge. Newbies might grow a false belief that this is the way to making a living trading the stock market. Take it as a sage advice and constructive criticism.

  4. Alex Lee

    Don't be mislead. Anybody offering a service in this highly competitive and difficult business should post their audited financials. Read the disclaimers folks. And this strategy is borderline pure gambling.

  5. Boubakar _

    can somebody please lead me through my ABCs in trading ? i really dont know anything about it and i want to learn

  6. Money 718

    What are good sites for penny stock..which broker sites is good for penny stocks?

  7. mar gin

    Title is misleading this is how you made $250, not how to actually make $250/hour …

  8. Nicholas Huss

    thank u clay for all the videos u do, really appreciate it. can i ask what it is that got u into counter trend trading high volume tickers. Everyone has there approach to the market and most traders end up losing more then winning while going against the trend. How did you decide that this would be the approach for you?

  9. Random Tree Stump

    These live videos are my favorite kind to watch. Learning from observing. Keep them up man you aren't doing them for nothing!

  10. nougatfisk

    How much capital do you risk in each trade percentage wise compared to your whole trading capital, and do you use margin? The orders you put out are typically 50000+ dollars; that is in my head not a realistic buying power for new traders! Let me hear what you have to say 🙂

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