Live Day Trading – Limited Risk, Unlimited Reward

Live Day Trading – Limited Risk, Unlimited Reward

Whether you are trading stocks, options, futures or Forex, the one spot all traders should aim for is being in the situation of, “limited risk, but unlimited reward.” You get to see this unfold in this live day trading video.

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9 thoughts on “Live Day Trading – Limited Risk, Unlimited Reward

  1. Jay Wei

    Hey Clay.
    As always, thanks for providing these quality contents. I have noticed in this video, that you said "I am walking on the ice, potentially forcing a trade". I have always admired your control and awareness over your own emotion. so I would like to ask for some tip on how a trader can have better control over his/her emotion. I know this might be a big topic, so you dont have to reply, or if you have the time and happy to do so, can you talk a little bit about it on your next video.
    Faithful Fan.

  2. Your Daddy

    That stop loss strategy execution was great.
    Risk is limited.
    Reward is…unlimited.

  3. Michael zma

    Hi. I have a basic question (Ive never traded). How do you decide on which platform to trade on? Why not use optionsxpress? What is it you look for?? Thanks

  4. Pall z

    Not sounding like a complete dumbass I want to ask you for an opinion on those autotraders(obviously a fake system) and the many people here on youtube reviewing them as something legit

  5. Denny Chow

    Thank you for your live trading video's. I notice that you like trading against a move or a trend, my question is why not follow the trend?

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