Live Day Trading – Not My Week!

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**The trades seen in these videos are in no way intended to be used as advice or guidance for your own trading. These videos are intended for an educational and entertainment purpose only. Day trading and investing in the stock market in general is high risk. Please do not take any comments as direction in trading your own account.**

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16 thoughts on “Live Day Trading – Not My Week!

  1. John George

    I am big fan of your videos because of you i started learning about stock market ,i also have full time job which is 9-5 but i wanna start day trading with intro account and is it possible to take only one or 2 trade and also wanan ask that if that offer still exist if i join on monday 399$ one, also can u tell me what all documents are needed to open account with them

  2. Patrick Wieland

    Patience baby! Its all a cycle. I was in that funk for a while and now Its night and day difference. When your hot your hot when your cold your cold. We got this fam!

  3. Joey Fleming

    I was watching MU around that 45.50 area, kept coming down then bouncing up. I just stayed away, looked like it ended moving up then slowly dumping off again. But me and MU..we go way

  4. koolyo2foots

    Not as bad as mine, just open a intro tradenet account for fun and my first day trading the $14,000 and I blew it up (closed me out at $13,300)???. I might open a student account next week if they allow me

  5. KeepItSimple

    This week I lost the opportunity to make over $3k. Ended the week in the red for the first time in 5 weeks. Next week should be better

  6. Yacine Abousse

    Never mind next week will be better. I ended today in GREEN, had 02 winners on $OKTA and $AVGO. Finished the week in big green, 6% increment in capital. Have great weekend

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