Live Day Trading: $VTGN Trade Walk-Through

Live trade cut directly from our screen share. Join the #1 live trading community online today and learn our systematic approach to trading with discipline and confidence.

NOTE: We did edit out some of the pre-trade commentary that explains the exact signal for the trade. If you are interested in our style of low risk trade setups in LIQUID stocks with clear signals explained ahead of time, we offer a FREE course and video lesson library for members of our trading group, all-day live streaming, daily live webinars, trade recaps, personal support, and much more.

All trades and ideas are covered via the live screen share and chat room in real time, and covered in full detail with entries, stops, targets, and exits.

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8 thoughts on “Live Day Trading: $VTGN Trade Walk-Through

  1. Paul Harrison

    Normal day at the office at Livestream trading. Low risk entry explained ahead of time time and recognisable chart patterns on highly liquid stocks.

  2. The Great Dsize

    Missed you dude! I've been trading extremely well since your last post and have made multiple triple digit profit trades in large part because of these walk through's. Appreciate it sir!

  3. Ken Varley

    I traded $VTGN along with livestream trading. The setup and risk were perfectly explained by Jeff, making for a stress free winning trade! Jeff is a fantastic trader and great educator!

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