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The most important element of a successful swing/day trading approach is market timing of both entry and exits. In this educational webinar, you will learn to predict, identify, and trade short-term swing trades in futures, stocks or Forex using a unique swing trading “market timing intelligence” methodology. Veteran futures trader and best-selling author John Crane will show how he combines his highly acclaimed “Action/Reaction” market timing methods with a selective set of Elliott Wave and Fibonacci principles to analyze the market action and project future market swings.

John Crane will show you trading strategies and tactics that you can put to use immediately. You will come away with an understanding of market structure and market behavior that can enhance you trading performance, no matter what methodology you currently use. John will teach you the exact steps he follows to find high probability swing trade signals using numerous examples of how it works in the real world. With this new knowledge you will begin to look at the markets in a whole new way and be armed with priceless knowledge that can help you find great opportunities you may never have seen before.

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  1. Paul Harris

    Interesting comments, but that is like saying all Italian cars are the same… you can buy the Fiat, I will go with the Ferrari.  Without theory to back up your comments, seems you would be better off not commenting at all.  I read the Andrews E books, and quickly deleted them after comparing the two theories and their approach to trending.  Great info John.

  2. andrewscourse

    there are three Andrews-Babson E books now on Amazon you can find them at powertrendinvesting

  3. Classical Compositions

    this is interesting but dosen't this just seems like trend trading….let the trend be your friend …lol

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