Step By Step Day Trading Short Selling Strategy ( Ameritrade, Thi…

Step By Step Day Trading Guide To Short Selling Strategy ( Ameritrade, Thinkorswim )

In this video, I have discussed step by step short selling strategy from scanning to exiting a stock. This video is not recorded for training or educational purposes. Please enjoy the video!

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  1. Angel Abril

    hi quick question what is the trying moving average that you talked about on your video? Thanks I was trying to add it to my TOS but I am not sure what it is or how to add it thanks

  2. dlastboricua

    Is there a link where I can download a copy of the spreadsheet you used in this video?

  3. Randy Crumley

    Great Video, Can I get a copy of your spreadsheet also if you are willing to share, Thank you so much

  4. Ali James

    Hello! Awesome Video! if you can send me a copy of that spreedsheet I would really love it! Thank you –

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    Great video! If you could send me a copy of that spreadsheet I'd really appreciate it! Thanks! –

  7. First Call Advisory Group LLC

    Thank you! This was a very thorough explanation. May I have a copy of your excel spreadsheet. My email is Thanks so much!

  8. Dennis Gamez

    Thank you for such a great video, I’d love to use the spreadsheet can you please email it to me

    Again, thank you so much for your time!

  9. Jon McBrine

    Does thinkorswim allow the use of MT4 algorithms? Do they allow any use of algorithms?

  10. Jim Trikones

    Awesome video! and Thank you for sharing. Would you be so kind as to forward the entry spreadsheet. Many thanks and take care.

  11. Evian Llerena

    Great video really taught me more or less the basics . Very organized and another thing could you please send me the spreadsheet at it would help me a lot

  12. Obeinson P Antoine

    Great video, you don't mind sharing the excel spreadsheet, if not please send me a copy at , Thanks again, will be checking out for more video…

  13. pgfracing

    What kind of an account to you have to have to be able to sell short? Do you have a video on what you need to qualify to sell short?


    Hi, I hope that spread sheet is still available? Is it okay if you send a copy to slmfinancialny @ gmail.. Also, how do you know which stocks to choose from? I am a beginner and understand what short selliing is. But how do I know which stock to choose/watch?

  15. Steven Willis

    I know this is a little older video but could I possibly get a copy on the Excel spreadsheet? Thanks!!

  16. Noveil Capital

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, very easy to understand and apply. Can I please get a copy of that spreadsheet sent to my email?

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  19. UMA

    be careful when short selling overnight and during the first 30 minutes when the market opens, it's a jungle, the price can whip up and down fast. As for shorting overnight: The price can jump in after hours. The stock market is technically open 4/6am to 8pm. If you're shorting a stock at say $10 and bought 1,000 shares, and overnight great news came out and the stock jumps to $11 you're down $1,000 when you wake up. obviously the same can happen when going long. However stocks usually trade upward long term, unless the company isn't doing well or bad news came out/bad earnings report. I only DT & short that's my thing. It took me a year to leave my job and make money 4 out of 5 days a week, but that's not before I lost 30% of my account in the beginning. So if I was giving advice to myself in the past, I would say specialize specifically in just short or just long. Never short overnight unless you're willing to stomach a possible roller-coaster. And decide to specialize in day trading, 2 day, weekly, or monthly. and don't give up, keep trying different strategies. I'm no millionaire yet, so I'm not preaching, but I do pretty well. Take it or leave it. Don't listen to what they say about shorting being hard, just if you're going to do it master it, after learning all of the fundamentals of the market. Hope it helped.

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