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28 thoughts on “THE DAY TRADER’S CONTRACT | Ep. 12

  1. Ruth Kennedy

    I was amazed how people are looking at other apps when they can easily go for this app ( which has everything that a trader like me can ask for and is exactly what someone like me have been dreaming about ever since the start of trading. So if you have just started looking for an auto trading app then this app should be your first choice.

  2. Theo Paine

    Since u brought up the subject on trading the Mexican Peso (MP), I recalled u offered a course on that. I haven't seened or heard any follow up on your progress with the peso. Are u still actively trading it and if so, how well are u doing? Do u still offer your MP course?

  3. Mark Tregurtha

    Great idea about having a contract. Putting something in writing and making a commitment to someone other than yourself really focuses the mind.

  4. Youarturo

    The more I see it, the more I like the idea … The Trader´s Contract … GO ROB GO !!!

  5. Luis Enrique

    This contract idea is pretty cool Rob, it would help us to stay focused and avoid trading like drunken monkeys….

  6. rexke Scoponi

    Very good idea,  Rob , concerning the contract , count me in en keep the motivating video's rolling, you're awesome !!!

  7. Cayo Albero

    Hi Rob, I'm so interested in sign this contract. See you in the next video.

  8. Youarturo

    I love to see you having so much fun with your daughter, she is a Star !!! … Love the idea of the Contract !!! Go for it … PLEASE !!! … and thank you for everything you do for all of us traders and humans ( kind of !!! ) … Cheers … and CLOSE your Monster trade !!!

  9. Jimmie J

    Funny,entertaining stuff Rob. Keep up the good work. QQ-off topic,what kin of car are you driving during most vid's? sounds like a Porche

  10. zakilibry

    The contract sounds like a good learning experience. It would be
    great to not be so scattered with my trading, both with failure to launch and shooting from the hip.

  11. Harry McPhie

    Hey Rob….Your passion about trading and sharing the knowledge is only exceeded by the obvious joy and delight etched on your face when your daughters antics get you…..great to see! Oh and I need a contract….my self discipline can get flaky….more often these days!. Thanks and Kind regards Harry McPhie.

  12. Andrew Daines

    Keep up the good work Rob. Really appreciate your daily doses of silly and serious.

  13. Ian Dunlap

    Loving the videos Rob . What software do you use edit? P.s. That contract sounds amazing

  14. Andy Adami

    I'm not convinced the contract idea would work for me, but i'm willing to try it. The music is great though.

  15. Emmanuel Leunamme

    I stumbled upon this channel a few days ago and i have to say that: This channel is awesome, as you are Rob, period.

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