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Day Trading – 3 Trades, $2,600 in Profits

Live Day Trading Stocks – How to make money by day trading stocks – $2,600.
Meir Barak day trading live on May 19th. 2017.

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FREE Stock Screener (HINDI)

FREE Stock Screener rather a Good screener for intraday or day trading is very difficult to find. A lot of viewers requested me to share the FREE Stock Screener that can be used for intraday/swing/positional trade.

In this video, i am sharing a web based free stock screener i.e. fatafat stock screener. It is near time and the free version includes whole lot of parameters required for intraday trading and swing trading.

The list of parameters available in this FREE Stock Screener for intraday trading are as follows
1. Open High Low
2. Previous range breakout
3. New Intraday High’s and Low’s
4. Near High and Near Low
5. Near Yesterday High and Low
6. Pivots, Support and Resistance
7. Pre-open volume strength
8. Today’s Volume Strength
9. Real Intraday % Change

Whereas for positional or swing trading you can do following analysis.
1. NR4 and NR7 breakouts. Here NR means Narrow Range
2. Opening Range Breakouts
3. Closing Range Breakouts
4. Gaps Up and Down
5. Opening Gap filling
6. Trend reversal
7. Daily SMA 5 & 13. It is also known as Fibonacci Moving Average
8. NIFTY and Bank Nifty Weightage Filter

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Crude Oil Trading Strategy For Inventory Days (Wednesday’s)

Crude Oil Trading Strategy For Inventory Days (Wednesday’s)


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Crude Oil Trading Strategy – Inventory Data

Basic example of day trading stock market Philippines

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YES I KNOW… I Lost more yesterday than I made today but We’re moving forward. Trying to win back the previous day loss is the worst way to possibly trade. So I went into this morning just wanting some base hits. Lets just get some points on the BOARD! $CHCI Put some serious points on the board today although I missed out on like $1700 in Profit I was still green. You never know when these insane stocks are going to explode 2-3 dollars in minutes or crash back down.