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In this video I have pointed out one of the most common mistake an intraday traders do and unfortunately i have done that mistake today in my trading that gave me a thought of making video on this. It was an interesting and thrilling experience for me which taught me a lesson as well. I handle 8-10 demat account daily but this one account made me realize the mistake i did after a long time and learnt a good lesson.

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by : Pulak Priyesh

For any doubts related to the concept in the video you can arise in comment section and we will try to get the answer for you all.

Disclaimer : This video is made for educational purpose, We do not claim any guarantee for this method to be 100% successful all the time, This method is developed by a renowned trader Pulak Priyesh, He is also a founding member of Intelligence7. Do your homework and do consult your own technical expert before making any trades. Thanks

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